Glenn van der Plaat


Graduated in 2018

Glenn inputLinkedin

Aster van Laere

Bar Stadstuin

Graduated in 2017

Advice to younger self: Enjoy not having too many responsibilities and talk to as many strangers as you can; get outside and enjoyLinkedin

Coen Jansen


Graduated in 2018

Valuable lesson learned at TA: How to work in teams and with different individuals.Linkedin

Jur Lanting


Graduated in 2018

Valuable lesson learned at TA: the 24hrs challenge!Linkedin

Max Meuleman

Graduated in 2019

Valuable lesson learned at TA: Working in an international team & respecting each others norms and values in order to find the workable consensus.Linkedin

Claudia Deken

Plant-Based Sushi

Graduated in 2019

Input Claudia:Linkedin

Joris ter Reehorst


Graduated in 2017

Valuable lesson learned at TA: The aspect of learning by doing really suited my needs as a student and a person.Linkedin

Niels Blokzijl

Art of Simplicity

Graduated in 2019

Advice to younger self: Start being more pro active, read enough, and listen to others.Linkedin

Teddy Uijttewaal

Professional Rebel

Graduated in 2018

Advice to younger self: Don't be so hard on yourself. You're at the beginning of your career, you should be proud of yourself. Work as hard as you can, but enjoy your free time with a balance of rest and things that make you happy.Linkedin

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