In this blog you can read more about the collaboration between SPNDL and Team Academy, what SPDNL exactly is and how students can benefit form this partnership.  We did an interview with Mirjam Burger. Enjoy reading!

1 – For the people who don’t know yet, what is SPNDL about?

Let’s start at Fuenta BV, which is a small collective of entrepreneurs, with whom we design and execute innovative business concepts. SPNDL is one of those concepts. In 2016-2017 we did a project for wholesaler Makro Nederland. Makro wanted to get back in touch with their target group, entrepreneurs. Working together with a group of several other innovative companies, we have successfully created a great conceptual program for entrepreneurs.

With a growing group of entrepreneurs in society (an interesting target group!), we figured that the same type of program for entrepreneurs would probably solve a problem for other companies as well. It allows these companies to stay focused on their core business, while we take care of the added value for the entrepreneurs. One liner: Stay relevant to entrepreneurs!

So, SPNDL has become the natural prolongation of this pleasant cooperation, which of course includes Team Academy.

2 – Why is TA partnering with SPNDL?

Team Academy offers access to the next generation of entrepreneurs and uses the latest methodologies to make a perfect match between offer and client. This is crucial for companies to stay relevant and helps them with their re-positioning within the market. The new generation has a fresh outlook and different vision on values and the world. That’s the reason for SPNDL for wanting to partner with Team Academy. At the same time, it is interesting for Team Academy to see what is really happening within the field.

3 – How can students of Team Academy benefit from this collaboration?

For Team Academy students, the SPNDL projects offer a chance for students to learn, gain experience and build a network. Thinking in a very different way than all the big shot consultants out there in the field, their resourcefulness and tech savvy is very much appreciated by clients! The two generations can really complement each other.

4 – Where can people keep up with SPNDL news?

For more information, you can have a look at (in Dutch). You will find some inspiring videos at our YouTube channel, including the trailer of Team Academy! But come to think of it, we could use some help with getting the SPNDL social media rolling… Anyone? 😉

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