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Tasting Game

Proeven en educatie
In my first year of Team Academy (2016), I started with the Tasting Game. All concepts I create; are focussed on creating awareness of taste among consumers & employees, this in a playful and interactive way. We are inundated with information and choices these days. “So is marketing is influencing our taste a lot, but what do we taste ourselves?” Through gamification, you’ll learn about taste, etiquette, and the true story behind the product. This innovative way of introducing & teaching about products is also used by Royal Swinkels family brewers & Heineken. From this point of view, we created 3 concepts – Tasting Game Plateau -> hospitality industry. – The Silent Disco Tasting -> Education/ training & events – Steun de Brouwer -> Non-profit created during the COVID period Want to have a better feeling with our products? Take a look at our videos!


Ontdek hoe Team Academy je kan helpen bij het lanceren van een internationale carrière tijdens ons volgende introductie-event.

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