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We understand that the decision for a four-year University of Applied Science program can be a challenge; even deciding on visiting us for an Open Doors can be a step. How do you know if a school fits your needs and preferences? Will you fit in? Will you learn what you want to learn? Is it worth your time and investment?

Team Academy is a school for young entrepreneurs, for those who want to develop their personal and business skills, and for students who want to start their business while traveling and going to school at the same time.You might not consider yourself this type of student, or you do, but you also want to check if you already have some skills.

In order to make this step easier, we've developed an online test and a flowchart including a few short questions which will help you find out if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and if you would fit in among the other entrepreneurs at Team Academy Amsterdam.

Have fun and hope to see you soon at Team Academy Amsterdam!

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