Investeer Een Keer

‘Investeer een Keer’ is a podcast in which we offer entrepreneurs that are looking for funding the opportunity to pitch to VC’s, investors, and the rest of the Nederlands. After the pitch, the hosts Scott and Abel will ask typical questions that an investor will also ask in order to clarify at what stage the company is at, if the entrepreneurs are the right persons for the job, and if they have a vision for the future. After, we will spread the podcast over a large pool of VC’s and investors we collected, as well as spread it over the rest of The Netherlands. Our mission is to make raising money more fun, more effective, and easier than it is now both for entrepreneurs as investors. As an entrepreneur, you are able to pitch to a large pool of VC’s and investors at once, while VC’s and investors have a clear picture if it can be a potential investment opportunity by listening to a short podcast.

During his time in Silicon Valley, Scott saw that raising money was way easier over there. Many start-ups didn’t have good market validation yet or even real customers but where already able to raise $20 million. While Abel experienced the struggle of raising money himself starting his own business. They took this as a starting point and asked themselves how they could make raising money and investing easier for both entrepreneurs as VC’s and investors. At the same time, Scott and Abel want to educate and inspire others to start their own business. In the podcast listeners can learn everything from starting your own business, raising money, and as well learn more about the most innovative companies in The Netherlands.

Curious to listen to an episode of ‘Investeer een Keer’? Click on the link below:

Class of year2021Student nameScott van den BergWebsitehttp://www.investeereenkeer.nl

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