Steun De Brouwer

With Steun de Brouwer Eve wanted to help brewers the difficult Corona crisis.
Together with Casper, they are aware of the fact that many breweries are struggling immensely. The breweries that we all enjoy as beer lovers; first of the beautiful beers in the pub, on the terrace or now at home on the sofa and in the garden, are in danger of shutting down.

This is why Casper and Eve started the Steun de Brouwer initiative as a real beer lover. Zoe (our second year) & Thijs followed this line of thought. Together we strive to be of valuable impact.
With this project:
– The brewers can use any help with the findability of their packages, the packages they sell to get through this time.
– The beer lovers can use a nice and clear platform (which was still missing) where they can continue the variation in the choice/buying process for a long time. Taste everything from the entire Netherlands!

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