Our third-year Marco started VikinGym because he wanted to make quality workouts more accessible for people around him. If there is need, there should be access.

After he quit playing professional football a couple of years ago, he has been looking for a way to share his knowledge. “Vikingym is a way for me to share my experiences, after thousands of hours of hard work and learning from the best.” And he can promise you one thing: we don’t need fancy equipment to get in shape. With VikinGym he hopes to bring premium workouts to people who are serious about their health and that are looking for a minimalistic and natural way of getting in shape.

The format is simple: you don’t need any equipment. Everything happens online. You don’t have do book any classes. You can just show up. There is no need to leave your house. Stay home and stay fit. Working out has never been easier.

Class of year2021Student nameMarco

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