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News from TA: January 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - January 2023



As the second years are back from their Learning Journey in South Africa, it’s time for their reflection in our homecoming event.

In this year’s event, both teams presented their experiences and reflected on their development and on their expectations vs. reality of South Africa.

The video and presentation showed the many activities they did (such as company visits, master classes, and the social project with kids), but also the fun they had and the experiences they went through together.

“We realized that we’re born in a very privileged lifestyle. And still, regardless of the difficulties in South Africa, the people are so extremely kind and humble. It’s inspiring!”

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Giftees in the PHILIPS Innovation award

We’re super proud that our second-year student business, Giftees, is participating in the Philips Innovation Award. They just handed in their business plan, which is the 2nd selection stage of a total of 4 stages.

Once they pass this selection, only 30 out of 100 receive a 2-months of guidance and workshops!

In May, the final selection has to pitch in front of investors. Fingers crossed for Giftees!

The Philips Innovation Award is the largest student entrepreneurship award in The Netherlands, meant for students who want to further develop their startups or ideas. This award is organized for students, by students. We make sure every contestant benefits from feedback from experts, workshops, and training.


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