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News from TA: November 2022

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - November 2022

Birth-giving year 1


As the first years are back from their Learning Journey in Romania, it’s time for reflection. 

We call this a Birth-giving session. In this year’s session, both teams presented their experiences, reflected on their development, and celebrated their achievements together. It was such a creative and fun presentation, and they did a great job.

Working on this presentation gives the students the chance to decide how they would like to proceed as a team in the future and create some team values and goals to strive towards.

“I don’t think any of us would change anybody else in the team, we’ve come together and it has probably been the most fun few weeks that we’ve all had in a long time” – Darren Holing


Congratulations to the Entrepreneurship Academy

It is with pride and joy that we celebrate the award for EA being named the best education program by La French Tech. We share this unique program with our Romanian partner school and thus we can be very proud as well!

This award shows that there is international recognition of our efforts in creating an innovative educational program, at the highest global standards. It is a promising future for the new generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs!

“The award is not just for us: the quality of an educational program can best be seen in our student’s achievements, and, from this point of view, we really are winners”. -Ioana Ceaușu,

IMG-20220914-WA0013 (1)


Ontdek hoe Team Academy je kan helpen bij het lanceren van een internationale carrière tijdens ons volgende introductie-event.

"Team Academy-alumni zijn anders: We denken in mogelijkheden, durven verandering te omarmen, passen ons snel aan en krijgen het werk gedaan!
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