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News from TA: September 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - September 2023


Start Up Week 2023

Every year we start the new school year with Startup Week, this week allows the current students to meet our newest first years. Throughout this week, the 4 years will participate in fun challenges, treasure hunts and team-building.

This year was no different, each year is responsible for organising a day filled with challenges, fun and team-related activities.

Among many activities, our second years organised some fun hands-on team-building activities, the third year hosted a very festive community lunch and our fourth years organised a celebratory boat trip around Amsterdam as a final celebration to the end of the start-up week.

A very full and fun week of bonding and starting the year strong together.



International Day

On September 14, The Finnish delegation from Karelia University visited our school for the day. Starting with an interesting workshop on perceiving individuals: Ingroup vs Outgroup by Kay Swiesemer.

In the afternoon, Brigitte and Tess took over and organized a speed dating exercise. During 4 rounds, every 4 minutes, everyone chatted with a different person. Not only to get to know each other, but every participant also received feedback on how the chat went.

Afterwards, there were snacks and drinks to round off the day with the whole community, with music from second-year Luuk from Double Trouble.

Upcoming events in October

  • October 12, 12:00: TA Connect, organized by year 3
  • October 12, 19:45: Graduation of the class of 2023
  • October 20, 9:00: Graduation Ceremony of the EA students


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