Trotse ondersteuners van jonge ondernemers sinds 2008

Waking up with more than just a hangover

Together with Alex Hersée and the guys from HUIS! we started Stem van de Nacht (Voice of the Night). Stem van de Nacht is bringing depth into Amsterdam nightlife. We do this by provoking our visitors on a playful manner so that they move aside their daily thoughts and open up for new insights. Interactive speakers, visual artists and danceable music will be part of a night where we discuss, share and listen. We will make our visitors come out of their daily routines and start a dialogue. This way we want to create an inspiring vibe with a forward-looking vision, in a nice and festive atmosphere. For this reason we have the slogan: waking up with more than just a hangover.

During our first event we will discuss the topic ‘pressure society’. To start the night we invited leading speakers such as Lammert Kamphuis (School of Life). After that the night will be continued with visual artists and live performances that are connected to the theme. During the night there will be several djs playing funk, disco and house music, to keep the atmosphere playful and light, even though the heavy topic we are discussing.

This first event will take place at Studio/K on the 11th of June. Studio/K is a club in the east side of Amsterdam and is a non-profit organization run by students. Studio/K focuses on spreading culture with the Amsterdam youth and people living in the area, by serving them a wide program of events, art, film and all other kinds of cultural manifestations.

After years of being active as partygoers, promoters and starting organizers in the Amsterdam nightlife, we as the organizers of Stem van de Nacht think it is time to move forward and bring more depth into the party scene. Partying sometimes seems like a superficial activity, but also the young party people of Amsterdam have passions and dreams, or concerns and problems that we want to bring to attention of the crowd in a pleasant way. In our vision this can very well be combined with a good party, since we believe that people get inspired more easy when they are having fun. With Stem van de Nacht we are going to provoke people in an intellectual way and stimulate them to find the most profound version of themselves while being at a party. You can expect a festive and inspiring night with a meaning, after which you will wake up with more than just a hangover.

Jesse Nieuwenhuijzen
Stem van de Nacht
Team Blend


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