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We understand that Team Academy is not known to everyone and that one can have a lot of questions regarding our program, our philosophy, or the type of team players we’re looking for.

On our website, we try to give you the most accurate picture of our university, and we also invite you to ask your questions personally at our Open Doors (sign up here).
However, below you can find our frequently asked questions, and we hope you can find your answer there. If you want to know more, you can always contact us via our contact page.

We look forward to seeing you at Team Academy Amsterdam!

Unfortunately not. Currently, our program is offline and on-location again. As we are a practical study, we require personal attendance at our workshops, so we can interact and have team building activities or company visits together.  Our students want to be offline, learn from each other and experts together. They do not grow and develop as much as they want by sitting behind their laptop and following lectures.

No, you do not.
We believe in mindset over marks. You don’t need a stellar business idea, you do need the grit and determination necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Successful Team Academy applicants usually:

  • Follow their own path
  • Like a challenge
  • Are creative and think outside the box
  • Are comfortable taking risks
  • Are good at adapting to new situations
  • Love exploring and traveling
  • Prefer doing to thinking
  • Would rather act than talk
  • Want to do work that makes a difference
The tuition fee for 2024-2025 is €13.750. There are different payment options; these are all described in the document below and there is a yearly inflation correction of 2%. We’ve created a document with an overview of the costs and possibilities for financing Team Academy: Financial-information-overview

Our program is more personalized, more flexible, more practical, and more focused on creating tangible results than regular business studies. It’s designed to prepare you for a successful career in the 21st century, and, most importantly, created to help you become the best version of yourself. You’ll have all the subjects needed to be an experienced entrepreneur, such as Sales & Marketing, Innovation, Leadership, Law & Finance, but you’ll apply the theory you learn in workshops to your project or business.

Next to this, we coach you to start (or grow) your business from day 1.

Traditional business education teaches you to memorize and repeat theory. We believe there is a better way: learning relevant skills and applying them in the real world. Your education, your business, your career. Most educations teach you to survive the present, we empower you to build your future.

When you graduate from Team Academy you’ll leave with a globally recognized Bachelors’s degree, 4 years of work experience, an international network, a successful business or project, and unforgettable memories from your travels around the world.

Our students start all sorts of businesses, as our students are driven, unconventional, out of the box thinkers. They’ve done everything from collaborating with Kenyan farmers to create a line of fair-chain coffee, to tech-driven food tastings, to ghostwriting a book on innovation with an award-winning consultancy.
An overview of a few businesses can be found here.

Common sectors for Team Academy Students are:

  • Real Estate
  • Food & Beverage
  • Tech
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Innovation Consultancy
  • Business Development

No, not financially. Everything you earn with your project is for you!

As a student, you’ll have mentors and your fellow team members that can help you with your projects, and you can also decide to work together with another student or alumni.

Yes. Team Academy in close collaboration with the institute Schoolvision, is a
recognized, fully accredited educational institution.
The Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship is accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) since May 2015.
Because of this, as a Dutch student, you can also request financial support for your study via DUO.

This is a rather complex question, but it all has to do with your personality and mindset.
We’ve dedicated the following page to this question, so you can take a quiz or use a flowchart and find out if our program fits your personality.

Additionally, see if this is you: Our Team Academy applicants usually:

  • Follow their own path
  • Like a challenge
  • Are creative and think outside the box
  • Are comfortable taking risks
  • Are good at adapting to new situations
  • Love exploring and traveling
  • Prefer doing to thinking
  • Would rather act than talk
  • Want to do work that makes a difference

Prerequisites Dutch students:

  • Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO), Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (HAVO), or Middelbaar Beroepsonderwijs Niveau 4 (MBO 4).

Prerequisites for international students:

  • International Baccalaureate or the equivalent of Dutch degree requirements (EQF4 or higher)
  • Proven English proficiency for nonnative speakers. One of the following:
    – IELTS diploma (minimum 6.0)
    – TOEFL diploma (iBt minimum 80, pBt minimum 550)
    – Cambridge English Certificate (score at least 175)

All of the Team Academies worldwide are derived from the first Team Academy that started in Finland in 1993 (read more about this here). Not every Team Academy works the same, but most of the academies preach learning by doing and starting a business while studying.
Team Academy Amsterdam shares the same program and accreditation with the location in Bucharest, Romania, and Lima in Peru, and we are in close contact with our colleagues there and organize exchanges and events with these locations.

We have made an overview of the program of all four years and our first year’s curriculum that can give you an impression of what the program looks like. Of course, you’ll learn more about this at our Open Doors, for which you can sign up here.

The deadline depends on whether you are an international or national student, and if you are in need of a VISA. It differs from May 15 (international students) to July 1 (national students).

Every applying student (national and national) has to join one of our Open Doors, join a business session with Marc Ernst, make a motivation document, and have a final interview. Going through all these steps will at least take a few weeks.

Next to this, to see if you can be accepted, we have to check your diploma. As we are familiar with the Dutch diplomas, this step takes less time for national students. For international students, we check your highest achieved diploma with the official instance Nuffic, and this can take up to a few weeks (depending on Nuffic).
Therefore, for international students that do not need a VISA, the deadline is July 1.
For international students that are in need of a VISA, we need more time to arrange all the paperwork and the deadline is May 15.

But, please take into account, there are limited spaces per year, as we make teams of 15-18 people. If the teams are full, there will be a waiting list. So, if you are certain, don’t wait too long with applying:)

We will help you with the application for a VISA and apply for you. However, you have to gather certain documents and fill in specific forms that we send you once you are at this step.

As a non-EU citizen, you need a MVV/entry VISA and a residence permit to stay and study in the Netherlands. The procedure consists of an internal, Team Academy, part and an external Immigration Services, part.

We, as Team Academy, need to make sure that you have both the qualifications and the financial means to study in the Netherlands for the internal part.

Therefore, a non-EU student wishing to study in The Netherlands needs to prove they have the financial means to live and study in the Netherlands. This is because non-EU citizens are mostly not allowed to apply for any form of financial aid from the Dutch state.

This means you will have to prove (through an official bank statement + stamp) that you are in possession of the tuition fee, living expenses for 12 months, and the application fee for your VISA as follows:

  • Tuition fee Team Academy: 13.750 euro
  • Living expenses: 12 months * 1217,96 = 14.615,52 euro
  • Application fee: 228 euro
  • Total per year: 28.593,52 euro

(Please note that Team Academy needs to check with you every year if you still have the funds to finance your study. This procedure consists of a form that you need to fill in and sign and send back.)

The visa application process can take up to three months from sending the documents to the IND. Therefore, we have a deadline of May 15 to send out the application papers to the IND and then your VISA should be ready before the start of the Academic Year in September. At this point and before we send the papers to the IND, your contract has to be signed and the tuition fee has to be paid.

More detailed information below, but this will also be shared with you once you are at this step. 


First, we need to apply for an entry VISA (MVV), so you can enter the Netherlands. 
After applying with all the papers that we request from you, Team Academy can receive a letter from our immigration office/IND that your application will be processed or not. Additionally, once the application is accepted, we can receive a letter that you can request an MVV at the Dutch embassy in your home country. We will send you this letter, but you have to make an appointment for getting the MVV.  Important: receiving this letter from the IND takes at least 4 weeks after applying. 
Second, we also need to apply for a residence permit for a study. You will pick this VISA up in Amsterdam.
With regard to the bankstatement, we need a scan of an official bank statement that has been signed and stamped proving you (or your financial sponsor) are in possession of the needed amount. Once we have verified your financial eligibility, we can continue with the VISA application process.
Since we are an accredited international bachelor’s program, you can join almost every masters program. Universities might require you to do an intermediate program if you want to do a not entrepreneurship/business masters. If you are interested in a masters program in the Netherlands, there is a great tool from Studiekeuze123 that shows you which masters is accessible for you. Check that out here.

Yes, but long story short, you would have to start in year 1. Our program and grading is based on e.g. team activities, assignments, company visits, and presentations. Missing these because you want to transfer for e.g. year two, would mean you miss these grades and cannot proceed to the next year.

There is a slight possibility that you get exemptions for our courses if the courses you already finished in your current study and its objectives are similar. It’s something you should check with our examination board and it’s not an easy process, since our program is very practical and has different objectives than regular universities. Eventually, it would mean that you’d still need 4 years to finish the study, but that you have more time throughout the study for your work, business, or other matters.

Unfortunately, we do not.

There are several ways to finance the tuition fee and learning journey costs. 

We’ve created a document with an overview of the costs and possibilities for financing Team Academy:

Unfortunately, we do not, but we have a partnership with the Social Hub West and a network within the Student Experience. Both are accommodation organizations for students situated in Amsterdam. 

Especially when you are international and are still finding your bearings, Team
Academy recommends you start at the Social Hub or Student Experience. Their vibrant
establishments include a gym, study room, laundromat, and a games room:
Rooms cost roughly €900,- per month and you can book for the entire school year (10
months) or for shorter periods of time.

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