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Financial information

We are an internationally accredited, private Bachelor of Business Administration program in Entrepreneurship. Our tuition fees are higher because we do not receive government subsidies like regular education programs. However, the tuition fee goes directly to providing:

  • our unique, hands-on learning approach
  • personal high quality support and mentoring from professional experts, team coaches, and business mentors
  • a unique internal learning experience for you as a student.

Dutch and international students meeting specific requirements, such as having the nationality of an EU/EEA country, Switzerland or the United Kingdom), can also apply for financial aid on the DUO website.

TUITION FEES 2024-2025

The tuition fee for 2024-2025 is €13.750. There are different payment options; these are all described in the chart below and there is a yearly inflation correction of 2%.

** €2.750 upon down payment

Additional costs to be expected yearly:
Start-up week € 100,-
Books € 500,-

Approx. additional costs for abroad learning journeys:
Year 1 € 750,-*
Year 2 € 1750,-*
Year 3 Depends on the country

* Costs for flight and stay, so excluding meals, other transport, and personal additional costs.


To apply for student financial support (the grant and/or loan), you need
  • a citizen service number, in Dutch a ‘burgerservicenummer’ or ‘BSN’. You automatically receive one when you register with a Dutch municipality. 
  • to apply for DigiD and register at Our school can be found under Stichting Schoolvision. Because we are a private institution, there is a form about ‘tuition fee statement’ (found here on under ‘controle collegegeldkrediet’) that our administration office has to sign and stamp once your application is complete. You have to fill in your details, and you have to upload this file in DUO after.
  • to complete your application: your contract is signed, an official copy of your original diploma is made at our office, and your downpayment is paid. You do not have to enroll at Studielink, we register you at DUO as our student once the application is complete.
  • to apply for the grant and loan yourself. You can find more information about applying here
You can request the grant and the student loan at the same time.  For more information and amounts, please see this document or visit the DUO website for the most accurate information.


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