We do our best to select individuals who fit our unique approach to learning, who will benefit most from Team Academy's unique environment. Our application process allows us to get to know who you are, and for you to discover if Team Academy is the best place to prepare you for your entrepreneurial future.

Application Process

Phase One

The journey starts by filling out the registration form below. This allows us to check if you have the right preparatory education to join Team Academy. After we’ve reviewed your application form, we like you to join one of our (also online) Open Doors, where you learn about our principles, the learning process, and the curriculum. We'll also give you an (online) tour through the school and students will describe their business and project to you.Once you've been to an Open Doors, you'll normally receive an invitation to be our student for the day. However, due to the Corona outbreak, you'll receive an invitation to a 1:1 online meeting with our business mentor Marc Ernst. Together you can discuss ideas, opportunities, or current projects/businesses.

Phase Two

After you've gotten to know us, we want to get to know you. During phase two of the application process we'll ask for a number of documents where you can tell us who you are, where you're at now, and what your goals are and how Team Academy can help you achieve them. Once these documents are approved, you will be scheduled for a final interview with a member of the management team to determine if you'll be a good fit for Team Academy and the team we're putting together for the upcoming academic year.

Application Form

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What will your future be?

Now is the time to decide what kind of future you want for yourself. Follow your own dreams and take the leap

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I chose to join Team Academy, because you're free to choose your own direction,  free to start something that's really your own, and you're treated like an adult.

Isabella van de Graaf - Graduate TA