Guiding Principle

We believe that everyone has the potential to do something unique, achieve their goals and contribute something valuable to the world. Not everyone learns, thinks or works in the same way. We provide an alternative way of learning separate from the regular school system. Our education is personalized, flexible and focussed on creating tangible results. It's designed to prepare you for a successful career in the 21st century, and, most importantly, created to help you become the best version of yourself.


Learning by Doing

At Team Academy you launch your own business or intrapreneurial project during your study. You create real products and services, work with real clients, to earn real profits, applying everything you learn into practice immediately.

Learning from the Best

Our students are supported by a team of coaches, business mentors, and field experts. Our staff include a combination of high level educators and top professionals and experienced entrepreneurs. We're proud to to have ratio of 1 staff member to every 3 students.

Learning in Teams

Learn in small teams of like-minded entrepreneurs. Participate together in workshops and masterclasses, do business, travel the world, learning and working as a team. As a team you'll support each other, collaborate and build a lifelong connection.

Learning and Traveling

Every year you'll travel to different international destinations. Together with your team you'll explore countries like Romania, South Africa, the USA, and more. You'll work with local students and companies, build connections for your business, and join a network of Team Academy students.



Learning Line 1

Learn to become an effective leader. Develop your public speaking abilities, master the most up-to-date project management methodologies, and overcome conflict. Learn to lead yourself, your team and your business.


Learning Line 2

From value creation to revenue stream development, discover what it takes to make a project or business a success.

Creation & Commercialization

Learning Line 3

Master the essentials of market research, product testing & development, sales, marketing & business development.

Team Performance

Learning Line 4

Learn to work together, learn from each other, resolve conflict, share knowledge, grow and build a strong team.

Integrated Skills

Learning Line 5

From IT to Law, learning line 5 includes some of the most vital hard skills necessary to succeed as a business person in today's fast paced economy.

Program Overview & Curriculum


We believe in mindset over marks. At Team Academy you're given the freedom to define your own learning process, work on your own projects and discover what you're passionate about. You don't need a stellar business idea, you do need the grit and determination necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

Successful Team Academy applicants usually:

  • Follow their own path
  • Like a challenge
  • Are creative and think outside the box
  • Are comfortable taking risks
  • Are good at adapting to new situations
  • Love exploring and traveling
  • Prefer doing to thinking
  • Would rather act than talk
  • Want to do work that makes a difference

Application Criteria

We offer a globally recognized NVAO accredited bachelor degree. With this degree you can work in a variety of roles as a business-person or pursue further study at masters level.

Prerequisites Dutch students:

  • Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO), Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (HAVO), or Middelbaar Beroepsonderwijs Niveau 4 (MBO 4).

Prerequisites international students:

  • International Baccalaureate or equivalent of Dutch degree requirements (EQF4 or higher)
  • Proven English proficiency for non native speakers. One of the following:- IELTS diploma (minimum 6.0)- TOEFL diploma (iBt minimum 80, pBt minimum 550)- Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English or Proficiency in English

Practical Matters


Information about the tuition fee, payment options, and expected additional costs.

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Application Process

How to apply for Team Academy: the registration form, events to attend, and other information.

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Living in Amsterdam

Information about registration, housing, student life, and transport in Amsterdam.

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Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It can be learned and with enough determination, mastered.

Marjolein Bakker - Managing Partner

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It can be learned and with enough determination, mastered.

Michel Arends - Team Academy Amsterdam Founder

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