BBA – Entrepreneurship

We’ve created an intensive 4 year experience, deliberately designed to enhance your intellectual growth and prepare you for success in today’s rapidly changing global context.

The Team Academy Program

BBA – Entrepreneurship

Our degree is designed for people who feel comfortable working and learning in teams and are interested in starting your own business, learning about personal and team leadership, getting to know new cultures, experiment with new methodologies while working and traveling abroad. Last but not least: learning by doing!

Start your business


The first 6 weeks of the program start with traveling to Bucharest, Romania with your team. There, you have the opportunity to visit various companies, learn about business in Romania, and work together with your team towards earning money for a set goal.


Back in Amsterdam, the routine starts. The normal routine contains during 2 a 3 days; participating in workshops, attending team sessions and following theoretical lessons. The remaining days you plan business meetings and start to work on your own company or projects, to bring theory immediately into practice.

Develop your business


During your second year, you continue the program by following workshops, attending team and business sessions and continue to work on your own company to enhance your business skills.

Again, you will go on a journey. However, this year, you and your team will travel to Cape Town, the biggest startup city in Africa. The trip is organized together with your team; setting expectations you have for this trip, deciding and planning who you want to meet, and discuss what type of workshops you want to visit.

Grow your business


The third year is all about scaling your business, along with identifying the specialization, you are interested in pursuing. Throughout the year you will attend classes to broaden your entrepreneurial knowledge, have opportunities to further develop organizational skills in a group setting, work in leadership roles and contribute to team sessions to continue to grow as a team.

During this year, you will choose the destination for your journey together with your team. You will completely arrange the trip according to the standards and expectations set by your team.

Evaluate your business


In the first six months of your fourth year, you will follow a normal schedule including workshops, team sessions, and courses, including 2 minors

The second half of the year is reserved to finalize your studies individually by writing a thesis. This is based on setting up your own company or doing research for a company, which, should you wish, can be completed abroad.

Finnish educational model
The roots of the Bachelor degree are in the learning methods, which Team Academy Finland has developed over the last 20 years. These methods consist of working and learning in entrepreneurial teams, applying theory into practice and building an entrepreneurial mindset based on autonomy, creativity, dialogue and sense of community. As of today, there are over 25 Team Academy locations. Our accredited program runs in universities in Europe, Latin America and Africa.


Accredited program
Team Academy Amsterdam, together with the Institute Schoolvision, is a by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences recognised University of Applied Sciences, offers the accredited Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. Accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) in May 2015.


International experience
All the students will complete several learning journeys throughout their course at Team Academy. During these exchanges abroad, students will learn how to conduct business within other cultures. In the first year at Team Academy, the learning journey is in Romania for a duration of six weeks. The second year includes a one-month learning journey to South Africa. In the third and fourth year you decide yourself where you want to go.  


Team learning
Twice a week we work together in small teams (max. 18), while learning from and with each other. This way you will learn quicker, while immediately developing your leadership skills. You learn by doing, applying theory into practice and sharing your learnings with your team. Next to this, you will learn all theory necessary, which you can immediately apply into practice. During a team session a team coach is present to guide and add advice when needed.

Real companies
You are the key player in setting up your own (team) company. You are responsible for organising all financial and legal obligations, register at the Chamber of Commerce and begin your business. All business activities are supported by a business mentor.


Students are part of the Team Academy international community. Our shared mission is to create companies, learn with and from each other in teams and make the world a better place. That is the dream we are constantly working on.


After study
The degree provides you with an internationally acknowledged bachelor degree. It gives you the option to enroll in any Masters you’d like (bar a number of ‘restricted studies’). The bachelor is a comprehensive education that allows you to work in many areas. Broadly speaking, we train people for the following positions:


Entrepreneur: with the knowledge and skills you learn at Team Academy, you are more than qualified and able to start a successful company.


Intra-preneur: an employee/manager within a company or organisation who implements change and innovation in an entrepreneurial way.


Any specialisation: you are the one to shape your future by choosing your specialism yourself, at Team Academy we offer the space to choose your own direction.

Team Academy offers a professional and unique program for young people who want to become an entrepreneur and like to start working at their own company while studying.


Our program is exciting and challenging, but, demands creativity, flexibility, hard work and perseverance.


We aspire for a community with highly motivated people who have an entrepreneurial mindset and a proactive attitude. Our students develop their businesses based on their own personal interests. With guts, hard work and commitment, we believe that our students can turn their interests and passions into their own successful businesses.


The prerequisites to join for Dutch students:

  • Voortgezet Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO)
  • Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (HAVO)
  • Middelbaar Beroepsonderwijs Niveau 4 (MBO 4)


The prerequisites to join for international students:

  • International Baccalaureate
  • Proven level of English
    • IELTS diploma (score at least 6.0)
    • TOEFL diploma (iBt score at least 80, pBt at least 550)
    • TOEIC 670
    • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
    • Cambridge Certificate Proficiency in English

We offer no study grants.

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