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A Bachelor fit for the 21st century

Would you like to start your business while studying the bachelor for entrepreneurship? This is exactly what we offer at Team Academy! You will work in your own company, make your own profit and negotiate with real customers. We offer learning by doing, supported by business theory and experienced entrepreneurs.


At Team Academy we believe that entrepreneurship is a mindset and a craft that you can learn, but not only in a classroom. A true entrepreneur is not afraid to show initiative and take responsibility.


By starting your own business with the support of our field experts, business mentors and team coaches. You’ll acquire knowledge on how to start and grow your business, and also develop your soft- and leadership skills.


We have created a state-of-the-art curriculum for our Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, where you learn to apply theory into practice. In 4 years, you will not only have your bachelor degree but all the tools necessary to become an educated and experienced entrepreneur.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Joris ter Reehorst, alumni 2017

Team Academy is a 4-year full-time Bachelor degree called: the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. The graduates of Team Academy’s Bachelor degree are qualified to lead the creation of new companies, work on business development inside enterprises, or choose to continue to work in their own company.


In order to achieve these competencies, the students will Learn By Doing, work in self-managed teams and set up real companies at the start of their studies while working on projects for real customers. The money earned is invested into Learning Journeys all over the world.

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The Projects

Just a few of the many projects our students initiated

We have created a state-of-the-art curriculum that will not only lead to a fully accredited Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship degree after 4 years, but also to a successful business. In four years’ time you will be an educated and experienced entrepreneur, with your own start-up.


Here’s a selection of projects initiated by our students.

The Locations

We have three hubs in The Netherlands, and many partner hubs abroad

Team Academy Netherlands is located in innovative co-working spaces in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Roermond. Together with 14 different locations worldwide, it is the base of an expanding international entrepreneurial ecosystem.


All our locations in The Netherlands offer the English-taught accredited Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship programme.

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