Empower Entrepreneurship

A Bachelor fit for the 21st century

Starting your own business is the first and most important thing you do during your study at Team Academy. Making your own money in your own company with real customers. By working together in small teams you learn with and from each other. This, in our belief, is the basis of our learning philosophy.


If you want to be a true entrepreneur, you need the right mindset. This is why we believe it is important to learn to use a broad variety of knowledge, skills and attitude.  We believe that a true entrepreneur is not afraid to show initiative and take responsibility.


For this reason we work on topics like self-confidence, independence, proactivity and creativity.  Furthermore, curiosity is an important and valuable characteristic for any successful entrepreneur. These, and many more, characteristics you will develop through the combination of knowledge, skills and attitude provided as learning goals at Team Academy.


We have created a state-of-the-art curriculum that will lead both to a fully accredited Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship degree and to a successful business. In 4 years’ time you will be an educated and experienced entrepreneur, with your own business.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Joris ter Reehorst, 3rd year student

The Team Academy Program

BBA – Entrepreneurship

Team Academy is a 4-year full-time Bachelor degree called: the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. The graduates of Team Academy’s Bachelor degree are qualified to lead the creation of new companies, work on business development inside enterprises, or choose to continue to work in their own company.


In order to achieve these competencies, the students will Learn By Doing, work in self-managed teams and set up real companies at the start of their studies while working on projects for real customers. The money earned is invested into Learning Journeys all over the world.

Start your business


The first 6 weeks of this year start by going to a East European country with your team; visiting various companies, learning about doing business in Eastern Europe, working together with your team, doing business from day 1 and earning your money goal.


Back in Amsterdam you start to work in your own company and projects. You will take on and complete assignments for your own clients together with one or more team members.


The focus during the first year is on “being an entrepreneur”. Twice a week you and your team get together in training sessions to learn, from, with and through each other.

Develop your business


The second year you continue to work in and further develop your own company and of course making money. This year will include a four-week learning journey to California, United States (Silicon Valley).


You will prepare for this trip with the team; decide whom you want to visit, including making the necessary arrangements. This learning journey is focused on the start-up environment in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, visiting technology and social enterprises.

Grow your business


The third year is all about growing your business, but also about the minors (specialisation), which you choose yourself.


During this year, you will visit one or more BRICS countries. These are emerging nations that will play an important role in the world economy in the coming decades. During your two-month stay you will get an excellent insight into the local cultures and the way of doing business.

Evaluate your business


In the fourth and final year you will conclude your studies individually by writing your thesis. This is based on (a) setting up your own company or (b) doing research for a company/client.


If you wish, there are opportunities to go abroad for a longer period of 2 to 6 months.

Team Academy in numbers


The Projects

Just a few of the many projects our students initiated

We have created a state-of-the-art curriculum that will not only lead to a fully accredited Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship degree after 4 years, but also to a successful business. In four years’ time you will be an educated and experienced entrepreneur, with your own start-up.


Here’s a selection of projects initiated by our students.

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