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Most educations teach you to survive the past, we empower you to build your future. In our Bachelor of Business Administration program you will develop an entrepreneurial mindset by starting your own company, creating products/services, working with clients and earning money. All supported by cutting-edge business theory and experienced entrepreneurs. At Team Academy you learn by doing, mastering the craft of doing business, and ultimately preparing you for a successful future.


Since change is the only constant, you need to learn to be adaptable, creative, and entrepreneurial to be relevant and successful in the future. Traditional business education teaches you to memorize and repeat theory. We believe there is a better way: learning by doing.


Working in small teams of highly motivated students under the guidance of field experts, business mentors and team coaches, you will learn how to create and grow your business, develop vital soft-skills and learn to become an effective leader by putting theory into action.


We’ve created a state-of-the-art curriculum, unlike any other programme for our accredited Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship degree. When you graduate you will have an accredited Bachelor Degree and 4 years of entrepreneurial experience, and your own business.

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced

- John Keates, 1819

We have created an intensive and international 4-year experience, designed to enhance your entrepreneurial growth and prepare you for success in today’s rapidly changing, globalized society. Team Academy has locations in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Bucharest (Romania), Lima (Peru) and Stellenbosch/Cape Town (South Africa)

There are no born entrepreneurs, there are only individuals with enough grit to set their own course.

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During the Open Doors, we share how we work, our experiences, as well as the principles, learning process and curriculum of Team Academy.Would you like to discover if Team Academy is the next step in your journey? Make sure you sign up in time, as we have limited availability during these events. We aim to keep a personal approach, and take the time to speak to every attendee before and after the presentation.The first upcoming Open Doors are Saturday, January 11; Tuesday, February 2; Saturday, March 7; Tuesday, April 7.

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