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News from TA: February 2024

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - February 2024


On our international day, students from our 1st, 2nd, and 4th years, along with the 4th years from our sister school in Romania, came together for an enriching experience.

The highlight of the day was a thrilling landmark hunting adventure in Amsterdam, exploring the vibrant city while learning about its history and culture. In groups, they had to make and edit a video, showcasing what they saw. Congratulations Team 2 on winning this challenge!

Following was a masterclass networking session led by Ursula Van Zantvliet Rozemeijer, where students had the opportunity to learn valuable skills and insights.

Additionally, students collaborated to create a dynamic Business Wall, showcasing their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, and if they need help they can update the board.

We concluded the day with drinks and snacks, to keep the networking going. This event not only fostered cross-cultural exchange but also provided a platform for students to develop essential skills for their academic and professional journeys.

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Our semester 1 concluded with a
24-hours challenge from our alumnus Stijn Sommerdijk and his company MoldBrothers.

What’s a 24hrs challenge? In teams, students had 24 hours to come up with a solution for the subscription challenge MoldBrothers needs help with. 24 hectic hours later they presented their solutions to Stijn and his companion. From subscription events to owning the wedding market, the solutions were super creative!
MoldBrothers selected a winner from our 4 teams..and the winner was… year 1! Congratulations!

Together, year 1 will enjoy their amazing & and delicious prize in Haarlem. It was great to see Stijn again and very inspiring for our current students to see how well MoldBrothers is doing!

Upcoming events in March

  • March 12: Postercoffee organized by year 2


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