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News from TA: May 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – May 2023   Alumnus Sil opens Villa The Duke A new dog shelter in Amsterdam East(Diemerzeedijk 3) Sil (class of 2020) had been working on this project for quite a while, but it’s finally there! On the 1st of May, Villa the Duke opened its doors!In this dog ‘villa’ […]

News from TA: April 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – April 2023   HOMECOMING YEAR 3 During a homecoming, the 3rd years shared their experiences from the past few weeks with us as they’ve all been on their 8-week individual learning journeys. The student-entrepreneurs went abroad to places like Singapore to learn more from the financial sector or Portugal […]

News from TA: March 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – March 2023   GIFTEES AT THE AGS STARTUP EVENT IN DUBAI We are incredibly proud that Normunds and Skipper; two of our 2nd-year students were one of the 6 selected out of 100 startups to pitch their startup at the AGS Startup Pitch in Dubai! Their goals: getting out […]

Studying in Amsterdam by Anna, 2nd year student

Studying in Amsterdam, by Anna Feldmann, a 1st-year student Hello potential students in Amsterdam! My name is Anna and I’m a 20-year-old student at Team Academy Amsterdam. As an international student from Germany, I found that moving to Amsterdam was a big change for me, even though it’s only a 2-hour drive from my hometown. […]

News from TA: February 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – February 2023   24 HRS CHALLENGE At the end of the evaluation week, Jeroen de Rijke, a former elite and undercover agent, came to present his challenge to our teams. “What is a go-to-market strategy for my team-learning product ‘The Undercover Experience’?” Our students had 24 hours to work […]

Great Turn Out of Open Doors On Location

Great Turn Out of Open Doors on location On January 26th, 2023, we hosted our first on-location Open Doors of this Academic year.  The introduction event was a remarkable success, with a large and diverse group of attendees bringing energy and enthusiasm to the occasion. The pitching activity, in particular, was a highlight of the […]

News from TA: January 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – January 2023   HOMECOMING Year 2 As the second years are back from their Learning Journey in South Africa, it’s time for their reflection in our homecoming event. In this year’s event, both teams presented their experiences and reflected on their development and on their expectations vs. reality of […]

4 Reasons Why To Start At Team Academy (by 1st year Evert)

4 Reasons Why To Study At Team Academy By Evert, 1st year (Class of 2022) WHY TEAM ACADEMY? The new year has started, the numerus fixus deadlines are already overdue, and the other application deadlines are closing in. You might start to feel the pressure. “What do I want with my life?; What program do […]

5 sentences about a topic

5 sentences about a Team Academy topic About Entrepreneurial Practice Theory Recently we started off with our first real course after the Learning Journey: Entrepreneurial Practice Theory. Beginning with the very basics, we talked about the differences between start-ups and small businesses. Very fundamental and important for every starting entrepreneur to know. A small business […]

News from TA: November 2022

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – November 2022 Birth-giving year 1   As the first years are back from their Learning Journey in Romania, it’s time for reflection.  We call this a Birth-giving session. In this year’s session, both teams presented their experiences, reflected on their development, and celebrated their achievements together. It was such […]

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