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Thesis Time

Thesis Time – by 4th year team coach Ignace The last semester at the Team Academy is a special one. It is fully focused on writing the thesis and defending it before the examination committee. So completely different from the previous semesters, which focused on personal development and the hard skills of entrepreneurship, such as […]

Success is Timing

Success is timing By Bernd Mintjes – fieldexpert & Invested in > 200 companies over the last 25 years. Angel investor, coach and inspirer. Professional speaker on successful Entrepreneurship. Experienced executive, #100days coach It’s not how long you work, but WHEN you work that determines your success: Entrepreneurs often work long hours. Work weeks of 60 […]

News from TA: December 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – December 2023 Christmas Community Lunch In the heart of our festive community, the Christmas Community Lunch was organized again by our lovely Alexi. The kitchen area transformed into a decorated banquet, with a campfire, Christmas lights, and Christmas songs. Every member of the staff and also some of our […]

Wat moet ik doen in een tussenjaar? TA Quest

Maximaal Profijt Uit Je Tussenjaar Halen: Ontdekkingen, Avonturen en Groei met TA Quest Een tussenjaar is een transformerende ervaring die je toekomst op onvoorstelbare manieren vorm kan geven. Als we figuur 1 (hieronder) bekijken, zien we de redenen waarom studenten een tussenjaar nemen. Hieruit zijn de volgende punten naar voren gekomen: Hieruit zijn de volgende […]

News from TA: November 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – November 2023 Homecoming Year 1 In October’s newsletter, we wrote about the learning journey of year 1 to Bucharest. Every year, after a learning journey, the team presents their learnings to the community in a so-called homecoming. For those of us who stay in Amsterdam, it’s great to see […]

News from TA: October 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – October 2023 Learning journey year 1 Every year, after the Start-Up week, the learning journey of year 1 starts. The team traveled to Bucharest for 5 weeks together with their coach Mike Panoho. In Bucharest, their days were filled with enriching workshops, teambuilding activities, company visits, and the pursuit […]

News from TA: September 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – September 2023 Start Up Week 2023 Every year we start the new school year with Startup Week, this week allows the current students to meet our newest first years. Throughout this week, the 4 years will participate in fun challenges, treasure hunts and team-building. This year was no different, […]


5 CREATIVE WAYS TO TEST YOUR BUSINESS IDEA: TIME FOR VALIDATION By Evert, 2nd year (Class of 2022) 5 CREATIVE WAYS TO TEST YOUR BUSINESS IDEA: TIME FOR VALIDATION  You’ve brainstormed, planned, and developed a fantastic business idea. But now, it’s time for validation to ensure your idea has the potential to succeed. In this […]

News from TA: June 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – June 2023   Alumnus Aster and her event Class of 2017 What: Event Co-ordinator Where: Marc van Laere Producties We are very proud to mention that Aster, together with her father, organised a great creative event for over 5,000 guests in the beginning of June this year. What started […]

News from TA: May 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam – May 2023   Alumnus Sil opens Villa The Duke A new dog shelter in Amsterdam East (Diemerzeedijk 3) Sil (class of 2020) had been working on this project for quite a while, but it’s finally there! On the 1st of May, Villa the Duke opened its doors! In this […]

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