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News from TA: January 2024

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - January 2024


In January, our second-year students presented their learnings and experiences about their time in Cape Town, South Africa, where they stayed for 4 weeks. This is done by hosting an event called Homecoming, where they can creatively take us through their journey.

  • They shared tips for our first-year students who will be going abroad to South Africa later this year.
  • There was a great video showing how they bonded even more as a team by hiking to the top of Table Mountain, competing challenges on the beach, and by f.i. playing tennis together.
  • They participated in a social project where they partnered with an organization in which they agreed to fill bin bags with litter from the beach in exchange for money to donate to the Liv Foundation.

“My biggest takeaway was that all the stereotypes you have about a country are only proven or proven wrong when you are physically there.” (one of our second-years)

It’s been an inspiring homecoming, year 2!


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Stean finished Team Academy in 2019, and while studying, he started Stean’s Beans. A fair coffee brand, where the farmer gets paid a fair price. He also roasts his own coffee beans, to create the perfect brew.

We visited Stean last week. He is currently the proud owner of his own coffee roasting venue in a great entrepreneurial start-up area in Amsterdam-West, where he also serves a lovely cup of coffee.

Over the last few years, he has also been growing tremendously on a personal level by finalizing his Master’s degree in Texas about coffee as one of the few in Europe. Currently, the customers are calling him, how cool is that? It was great to see him and see how well he is doing!

Upcoming events in March

  • Feb. 13: Postercoffee organized by year 1


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