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Team Academy is a small community with around 60 students and 25 staff members, including coaches, field experts, and operational staff.

Every year, we are growing, adding new courses to our curriculum, and organizing masterclasses. Therefore, we are always open to energetic people that want to join our network, community, and movement!

If you have experience in law, finance, design, research skills, or other experiences in entrepreneurship you want to share with our young entrepreneurs, then you are most welcome!

Thus, if you want to be surrounded by the entrepreneurs of the future, please let us know by contacting us via and we’ll get back to you asap!

Our mission is to build a global movement of conscious individuals who create an impact on society through an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our vision on learning consists of three pillars: guided self-organized learning, team learning, and applying theory into practice


We are constantly looking for Field Experts to help us design, execute and evaluate the courses that make up the theoretical part of the program. This is an amazing opportunity for you to bring your expertise in the field to a group of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, helping them bridget the gap between theory and practice.

The ideal profile

To succeed at this position you:

  • Are capable to place the professional expertise included in the module descriptions in the context of professional practice;
  • Can translate the relevant theory in an appealing and understandable way of presenting;
  • Strive to translate and/or connect the practical situation of the team and/or individual (team)entrepreneurs (assignments, projects, business, customer contact, working) to the theoretical context of the courses;
  • Are a natural facilitator and engage groups with your interactive workshops and lectures;
  • can act as an examiner and produce a reasoned assessment;
  • Have a positive and proactive can-do spirit;
  • Possess a development-oriented attitude, which – among other things– is shown by the ability to receive and give feedback in a constructive manner, an open mind, and a learning mindset. 


To be a part of our team you should:


  • Hold a relevant Master’s degree and have at least 4 years of relevant experience within your field;
  • Master B2 CFER level of English;
  • Have experience as an entrepreneur or have acted within an entrepreneurial environment;
  • Have at least two years of experience as a facilitator/trainer/lecturer/teacher;


As a Field Expert, you will be responsible for guiding the team entrepreneurs through the modules, bringing your knowledge and experience in your area of expertise in accordance with our vision on learning. You will work together and engage our team of entrepreneurs through their journey of applying theory into practice.

This means you will plan and facilitate the course by means of lecturers, interactive workshops, and (team) assignments. We are fans of the Flipped Classroom approach, meaning team entrepreneurs should come prepared to sessions that should mostly focus on applying theory into practice.

As an appointed examiner for the Bachelor Program, you will be responsible for assessing the work team entrepreneurs produce throughout the module, grading is based on assessment frames and providing substantiated feedback.

Each field expert course has an allocated amount of contact hours with the teams, varying between 8-60 hours in total per course.


Would you like to know more? Please contact: 

Marjolein Bakker, Program Director



We seek and embrace what is different – from how we see and do business, to how we communicate and work together. We engage with different cultures, backgrounds, and points of view.


We are the team. We build intimate bonds. We create a community where we give each other space to belong. We offer feedback, trust, and we challenge each other to be at our best. We go for a collective result, putting ‘we’ before ‘I’.


We cheer each other on to make mistakes and we make them often. We believe that there is no learning without failures and that failure is the only way to success.


We take care of ourselves, each other, our workplace, and our world – leaving everything better than we found it. We strive to make a positive impact!


We contribute to the future of the world. We aim to be profitable. We keep developing ourselves. With every interaction, we strive to create value for our clients, our partners, and ourselves.

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