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Gepersonaliseerde foodmallen
MoldBrothers is set up by two brothers who have started their business because they shared the same passion and interest. The oldest one, Joost, studies Food Innovation at HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch and Stijn studies Entrepreneurship at Team Academy in Amsterdam. By joining forces they came up with the idea to make personalized food molds. From this idea on, they started their own company: MoldBrothers MoldBrothers has the unique property to turn your culinary idea into a silicone mold. In consultation with you, we can ‘disguise’ every form. This can be a 2D image or an already existing form: we have the possibilities to realize your idea. The molds are 3D printed with high-quality silicone, that can be processed from -40 ° C to 210 ° C. It is not only 100% customizable, we also offer the guarantee that your design will not be used by anyone else.


Ontdek hoe Team Academy je kan helpen bij het lanceren van een internationale carrière tijdens ons volgende introductie-event.

"Bij Team Academy heb ik geleerd dat je verantwoordelijk bent voor je eigen toekomst. Doe het nu en blijf proberen!"
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