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Livestream Company
Our 3rd year Mexs started 2021 with his new company: His mission is to enrich the online work environment by offering an affordable streaming service. This by managing the entire stream with professional equipment and live stream operator, making the online experience better for the online audience and at the same time optimally conveying the message from the company. “In times where we are forced to exchange our offline workplace for an online workspace, it is all the more important that this environment works well and fine in order to get the best out of it.” What Do They Stand For? Clarity: Clear prices, clear communication and knowing exactly what you are getting . Accessibility: Bridging the gap between companies with a large and smaller budget. Creativity: Always looking for the best creative solution for your situation. Professionality: Acting professionally and delivering quality is our aim at all times . About Mexs: As a creative entrepreneur, Mexs has owned his marketing agency Mexsedia since 2015 . Here he started as a young entrepreneur with the creation of various content . From videos to graphic design. Mexsedia has grown into a marketing agency where the strategy behind the content is leading. In recent years, Mexs has developed during his entrepreneurship studies where he has taken several steps , of which is one.


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