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Inkt Smijters

A podcast about the art of tattoos
Inkt Smijters is all about one thing, “The art of Tattoos!” In this podcast, Andy van de Pol and Jarno Theyn take you into the world of tattoos. The old and new generations tell stories and discuss the different tattoo techniques, styles, piercings, lasering and more. How long does it exist: We started developing the idea in December of 2020. We build the brand within 3 weeks and launched our promotion in februari. A learning point for Nick: My biggest learning point was going through the entire creative process of developing an idea, creating a vision, and translating that feeling/vision to a visual product. I learned about the strength that colors can add to a brand. We wanted to create a raw but fresh feeling and I believe that our color pallet translate that feeling perfectly. More Inkt Smijters, follow us: – Facebook: – Youtube: – Instagram:​Inktsmijters – Website: – Spotify:


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