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Groceries in Zimbabwe
We, Justin and Pat have founded Magroceries in 2020 and have made the first steps towards our mission of creating the best possible solution of Zimbabwean expats to support their families and help build back up the economy of Zimbabwe. Many zimbabweans like you have moved abroad and are now providing for their families in Zimbabwe who are unable to do this for themselves. Moving abroad and setting up a whole new life in a country that is not your own is already a big challenge. Sadly Zimbabwean expats everywhere are met with even more challenges when supporting their family. Some of these challenges will be very familiar to you. Some examples are: the money which you send home is spent on the wrong things or disappearing before the needs of the family are met, groceries services charge premium prices while delivering poor service and end up creating more stress instead of taking it away. This is no way for people working so hard to support their family to suffer and it is completely unnecessary. By combining the cultural values of love for family and sense of responsibility of Zimbabwe with the e-commerce, solution-driven platforms of the Netherlands we created Magroceries. This is the webshop and platform that empowers Zimbabwean expats to support their family back home while having a great experience doing so. We are proud to offer you the best products for low prices delivered for free in just one day. Our customer service is trained to go out of their way to make this the best experience for everyone and take all the stress and pressure away from you. You can ask them any question you want and they will even provide extra services which are not on the website and personal to you for no extra charge. Soon we will expand to other cities and villages outside Harare so that no one will be left out. Even once we start delivering to smaller villages delivery will be free and very fast. Over time our service will only become better as we learn more about you, our customers and our prices will only get lower as we build up our supply chain and start working with local farmers and producers. We will grow as a platform and make the life of all our customers a little bit easier, we hope you will allow us to do the same for you.


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