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4 Reasons Why To Start At Team Academy (by 1st year Evert)

4 Reasons Why To Study At Team Academy

By Evert, 1st year (Class of 2022)

The new year has started, the numerus fixus deadlines are already overdue, and the other
application deadlines are closing in. You might start to feel the pressure. “What do I want with my
life?; What program do I want to follow?” Here are 4 reasons to choose Team Academy as your
next step in life.

1. Let the theory come to life by applying it to real life immediately
At Team Academy the main focus is always on practice. Of course, every entrepreneur
should have a certain skill set that includes theoretical knowledge, but all this theory will only find
its true value in real life. This is why with Team Academy you’ll always be stimulated and
challenged to apply the theory to your own business case, or to your own personal development.
Because of this, you’ll internalize the theory better. The theory starts to live. This is also why at
Team Academy you’ll rarely have an exam. The examination process and grading will happen
(almost always) solely on how you apply the knowledge you learned. Is this way of learning
something that suits you?

2. You expand your horizons and learn about different markets and cultures through yearly
journeys abroad

As a Team Academy student, you’ll travel to a different destination every year, accompanied by
your team. Your first destination will be Bucharest, Romania where there is an other location of
Team Academy is called the Entrepreneurship Academy. Because this journey is at the very start of
your journey with Team Academy, this journey functions as a great tool for the building of your next
four year’s most valuable asset: the team. Moreover, you’ll learn about the East-European market,
take your first steps in entrepreneurial thinking by earning money for a ‘money goal’, develop your
networking skills by meeting up with other entrepreneurs and big company CEO’s, and much more.
This journey will be around six weeks. For the second journey, you’ll travel to South Africa. Here
you are already a more developed entrepreneur, so your challenges will be more advanced. For
this reason the focus, apart from discovering Africa’s market and culture, will be more up to you
to grant you the chance to choose activities fitting your entrepreneurial desires. From your third
year on you are the conductor of your own learnings: where you go and what you want to learn is
decided by yourself. Does traveling, exploring, and challenging yourself and your team in an
unfamiliar something for you?

3. You will be challenged to develop yourself not only as an entrepreneur, but as a person

At Team Academy personal development is deemed very important. This is why you’ll regularly
reflect, together with your team, on your behavior, the good and the bad. In this way, you’ll
become more aware of the things you have to work on in order to become a more successful
person. But of course, it doesn’t stop here. With help of team coaches and other experts in
subjects like Self Managing Leadership, you’ll be challenged to address those bad habits, develop
new good habits and become a more effective person this way. Are you ready to start on the
journey of becoming a more effective person, more prone to success?

4. You can be the conductor of your own learnings
With Team Academy you’ll get introduced to a concept called ‘self-organized learning’. This
means that, besides the obligated theory, there is room to tailor your learnings to your own
interests or personal/business needs. You’ll choose what books you read, what companies you
visit, what destinations you travel to (in years 3 and 4), how you deploy your team in weekly Team
and Business Sessions, what masterclasses you and your team want to organize, and what your
main focus is in terms of personal development. Are you ready to take this responsibility and start
organizing your own learnings?
Is your interest aroused and do you want to learn more about Team Academy’s program?
Consider visiting one of our open doors, online or at our location in Amsterdam.
The following open doors are upcoming:
• Thursday, January 26, 19:00 (On location)
• Wednesday, February 22, 19:00 (Online via Zoom)
• Monday, March 20, 19:00 (Online via Zoom)
• Tuesday, April, 25, 19:00 (On location)

Application is possible through:
Also, a personal introduction is possible. Here you’ll be granted the chance to visit our location,
meet our students and attend one or a few of our classes. For this, use the link above.
Are you ready for the challenge?


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