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BeCiclos wins the Dutch Final of Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards

As most of you already know, we can’t stop sharing our latest achievement. We have won the Dutch final of the GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards)!

This prize is given to the students that apart of studying can make time to build projects with future.

There were six finalist selected to showcase their projects in the event, where the business plan and the entrepreneurial path of each one was evaluated. All of them were Dutch, except Gonzalo, a name some people in this country have difficulties to say properly.

Each person had five minutes pitch and another ten minutes to answer the questions of the strict jury.

The event was very competitive, due to the high level of skills of the participants and the genius projects they were representing. Basically the jury, including the Veuve Clicquot 2013 Business Woman of the Year winner Heleen Dura – Van Oord, didn’t have the easiest afternoon of their lives. But the decision was unanimously taken. “This entrepreneur has a validated business model and a good story. A sustainable product which can make impact in whole Europe,” said by Steinar Henskes when he announced the winner.

This prize gave us so much energy. It will help us create a bigger impact in how the European citizens transport inside the cities, but also the jobs we may create due to the social reintegration programs we are linked to.

The biggest part of BeCiclos team comes from Spain, but we are very proud to represent The Netherlands and their culture pitching BeCiclos in the GSEA finals in Bangkok. The GSEA is an initiative of EO “Entrepreneur’s Organisation”. Their mission is to inspire students to become entrepreneurs with an impact on a global level, helping the students achieve their entrepreneurial goals. This organisation is composed by more than 14000 entrepreneurs in 50 cities from all around the world.

Apart of receiving this prize, we also won €2.500 of capital for BeCiclos and the opportunity to become the world champion in the finals of GSEA in Bangkok. So the 10th, 11th and 12th of May 2016 we will need all your positive energy to make this happen!


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