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Does the current educational system fit everyone?

Does the current educational system fit everyone

I recently wrote a blog about my insight about the fact that I felt myself a square peg in the round whole system, and still often do. 

Which got me thinking about our current educational system. 

Is there a place for everyone? 

Is there anything wrong with the regular educational system? Of course, we can say a lot about this, but I do believe that in general, the system suffices. We can complain about it, we can say a lot of things about it, but the fact is that ‘the system’ is working hard the regulate itself and to stay relevant. 

As most people join a regular university, the system works. A lot of people can find their way into this system and get a degree. My daughters are an example of this. 

However, we do not all fit in the regular system. 

You can compare this with the following Gauss Kromme, meaning that almost 70% fits in the regular system.

However, what happens with the remaining 30%, and what is so different in what they are looking for?

As you may already understand or read in my blog, the regular system did not fit me either. When I graduated high school, I should have proceeded to a university of research. However, this theory-driven way of learning was not what I wanted nor fitted me. 

I was looking for a connection, small groups, a place where I felt at home, somewhere where there was not just theory but also a lot of practice (I did not know that applying theory into practice was a thing back then). I found this in a smaller university of applied science. Yes, back then, they still existed. However, after so many mergers and cost reductions, they are (almost) all gone.

Even though it was so many years ago, it made me think. What are our students (yes the other 30%) looking for: 

  • They are looking for a community where they feel safe
  • They are looking for a place where they meet like-minded people
  • They like to develop themselves socially and personally
  • They like to have a perspective on a job or career in the future
  • They like to apply theory to practice

When I look at what I was looking for and what students are looking for now, to be honest, I do not see that much difference.

What is different? 


There is way more technology available, including AI which is taking a huge leap. 

Different personalities:

The students now are way more outspoken, and direct and know what they want, as I was back then.

Attention span:

There is a very short attention span

Learning from the past, combining it with the now, and looking into the future of education, I come to the following topics which I see as very important for all educational systems out there: 

  1. Community
  2. Safe space with like-minded people
  3. Train social and leadership skills
  4. Practical and active learning; learning by doing to keep the attention span
  5. Combine learning and technology

We at Team Academy do our utmost best to deliver all these and we are making a difference here for the students. And wonder though, is this only important for the 30% of students on the outskirts of the Gauss Kromme, or also for all the other students. 

To conclude:

Not everyone fits into the regular system. And I also believe that this does not need to be the case. But let’s stay aware of what the student in your education/ university needs and is looking for, and make sure there is a place for all.  

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