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Does the current educational system fit everyone?

Does the current educational system fit everyone I recently wrote a blog about my insight about the fact that I felt myself a square peg in the round whole system, and still often do.  Which got me thinking about our current educational system.  Is there a place for everyone?  Is there anything wrong with the […]

square peg in een round hole

Square peg in a round hole Do you know the feeling when things suddenly fall in place, and you have that ‘ahaa’ moment? This is what happened to me in the last weeks. In the marketing department, we are checking on a regular basis if we are sending out the right message to reach the […]

Finding your guiding principle.

Navigating Success: Unveiling the Guiding Principles of Our Company For parents and potential students embarking on the journey of selecting the right educational institution, the guiding principles of a company play a pivotal role. These principles are the compass that directs the company’s vision, mission, and values, ultimately shaping the educational experience for students. In […]

Own It Campaign

Own It – The Campaign Every Entrepreneur Should Go Through A few years ago, we ran a campaign on the topic ‘Own it’. The campaign has been indicated by the team of alumni students who started their own marketing agency. They came up with the strategy for this campaign, as they found this the most […]

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