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Happy Summer Holidays

It’s been an exceptional Academic Year. Not only did we start at our brand new location in September, and yes, the location is still a work in progress, but we ended the year with online 8hrs challenges and evaluations!

Covid-19 has definitely made every one of us think outside of the box: what to do when we’re in lockdown, how to attend workshops, or what to do when we cannot see our friends and family, but really need or want to? It might have shown us what we really value in our lives, but also confronted us with things you might never notice before.

From our end, we can only say that we are so proud of every one of our members, students, and staff, and how we were flexible enough to make everything work!
A special shout out to Eline, Lukas, Thomas, Anish, Marco, Gert, Mexs, Steijn, and Laurent, who have obtained all EC points from their year!

Looking forward, we’ve had our first exams on location, we are planning the learning journeys, and are so excited to welcome everyone back on location again at the end of August!
The upcoming group of first years is a very interesting and diverse team, and we are sure they’re a great addition to our community!

Finally, we’d like to share what two of our members are up to and hope you’ll all have great plans ahead of you as well!

Emma Thompson, 3rd Year
I’m still in SA and currently, we’re having some renovations done at the guest house. Thankfully, we are allowed to have local guests again!
I’m also investigating if I can sell Bloombox in Capetown, see if there is a market for it. I also have a few ideas that I want to test out, like silent disco festivals (as we have to stay 2m apart) or drive-in movie nights. Short term projects, and seeing how it all works out!
And then, coming back and finishing the 4th year with a BANG!

Tess van den Heuvel, staff member
The upcoming weeks, I’m evaluating and reflecting my first year at TA, making a sales report, and working on the strategy for next year!
During my weeks off, I’m going on a climbing trip to France, coaching at a kids-sport camp, and going on a road trip to the Swiss & French mountains for some hiking, climbing, and swimming. And I’ll be spending some days at my parents at Ameland as well! It’s going to be a busy summer, LOVE IT!Feel free to share with us your update for the summer, any updates for the next editions, or if you are interested in working together on these e-letters! Mail us at

“Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.” ― Kellie Elmore

We look forward to seeing you all at Team Academy again!

Have a great summer!

The team,
Brigitte, Gabriel, Marc, Marjolein, Michel, & Tess

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