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#Live it

So, there we were, a first year team, at the beginning of a 24 hours challenge. We naturally strived for chaos, worked our ass of for assignments and had discussions about life that were so deep that Jesus couldn’t even understand. No sleep, lots of fast food, a crate of redbulls and a bunch of hyper students stayed at the B. Building all night long.
All night long? Yes. All night long.
24 hours later we gave the presentation with the winning answer and we had the execution part of the assignment in the pocket.
Half a year later, we’ve launched the campaign, made our first sells and the first group trip will leave the Netherlands in a couple of weeks!

We are Team Laserbeam. Yes, we know it’s an unusual name, but we’re an unusual bunch of people. We’re a second year team with seven members from the early 20’s, mixed with different skills, cultures and backgrounds. Our superpowers are bundled together and created a super powerful team. So how do we use these dynamic forces? Well, just like superheroes are supposed to, we like helping others; we love to solve problems and conquer challenges for companies. Whether the problem or challenge lies somewhere in their marketing/branding, corporate identity, product development or more internally hidden in their organisational culture, we will leave no stone unturned until we reveal the true villain and find a fitting, creative and unique antidote.
Haven’t you heard from us before? Well, that’s a shame, let’s dive into our world.

Team Laserbeam crossed paths with Yomads through an intense 24-hour challenge. The idea was to come up with something innovative to get young people travelling. During the 24-hour challenge we concluded that we should communicate the experience of travelling to the world.

#Liveit is a rebranding campaign targeting generation Y adventure travellers and wanna-be adventure travellers. #Liveit represents the experience of travel, lived to the fullest. Getting away from the impersonal and boring, going back to speaking the same language as the target audience.

We started with a campaign website, a central focus of all different actions, showcasing the experience in different ways like with a video, images and stories. We used different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and a blog to share impactful stories, pictures and to answer questions from our customers.
Engagement with events is also high our priority list. Adventure themed events, for a local taste of what you’ll live abroad. We will search for strategic partnerships, for online and offline.

I know that makes you really curious..
But as a member of this amazing team, I can’t give away too much.
You’re still reading so let’s make a win-win situation out of this.
Is there an item on your agenda that has been there for a couple of months? Are you tired of the discussions with your colleagues about a topic, is it impossible to make a decision or do you have no idea how to bring your product on the market?
No worries, we will take care of your problem.

All you need to do is to brief us of your problem and the chance for us to ask as many questions as we can, face-to-face that is. Then, while you are getting some shuteye, we will work for 24 hours straight. This is when our brain waves collectively get into a higher frequency to get in touch with the perfect solution. We will present our unique Team Laserbeam solution the next day.

With the preparation for the next 24 hours in challenge in our minds we’re working towards a sustainable business. In two weeks we will leave the safe Netherlands, to go to the “Mecca” of Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley. Full energy, with our creative minds on full speed we will make more out of it than just a learning journey.
We will experience, hunt, chase and tweak our business if that’s necessary.
Go check out our website for more information or come by for a coffee and a chat.
The only way is up.

Did you already get the Laserbeam fever? We did, and we love it.

© Teddy Uijttewaal
Team Laserbeam.


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