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News from TA: April 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - April 2023



During a homecoming, the 3rd years shared their experiences from the past few weeks with us as they’ve all been on their 8-week individual learning journeys.

The student-entrepreneurs went abroad to places like Singapore to learn more from the financial sector or Portugal to make contacts within the wine trading industry.

They presented their learnings, reflections, and how they were exposed to new and interesting cultures.

“The Individual Learning Journey gave me the opportunity to gain practical experience and apply the learning of Team Academy to the intersections of fields I am passionate about marketing, design & gastronomy. During this time, I experienced first-hand how valuable an entrepreneurial mindset is in a traditional work environment. Moreover, the sheer amount of connections and opportunities I managed to get through my internship was something I truly did not expect.” – Thana Bos

Skills week

Our annual skills week took place this month. Students could give suggestions on the topic they want to learn more about and could finally choose between:

  • Real Estate 
  • Content creation and Copywriting 
  • Effective Communication 

For example. for the latter, there were roleplays with interesting feedback rounds.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-26 at 13.58.45

Community Picnic

As part of our community events, the first TA picnic was organized. It is a great way for the community to celebrate the start of spring.

A group of staff and students came to the Vondelpark and shared some good food and laughs together.

“The atmosphere was relaxed and cozy, so many showed up, we have to do it again soon!” – Brigitte


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