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News from TA: May 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - May 2023


Alumnus Sil opens Villa The Duke

A new dog shelter in Amsterdam East
(Diemerzeedijk 3)

Sil (class of 2020) had been working on this project for quite a while, but it’s finally there! On the 1st of May, Villa the Duke opened its doors!
In this dog ‘villa’ (because it’s not just a shelter), your dog will be received with as much love as possible! He’s passionate about dogs and would like to avoid for his host dogs the emotional and physical stress of staying in a kennel or boarding house with pens.

With Sil, your dog has a wonderful exclusive holiday or day by interacting with other dogs, relaxing, bathing, or playing.
In addition to a large outdoor garden, there is a covered terrace, a warm living room, and enough space for the dogs to exercise.

At Villa The Duke, it’s not a mass shelter, but personal attention to the dog is central.
It is also possible for dogs to stay overnight or for an extended stay during your holiday. Sil only accepts a limited number of dogs during both day and night care.
You can find Sil and request a trial day for your dog on Instagram @villatheduke or via
Trial days are mandatory to ensure your dogs will enjoy their stay!

Thesis Subjects

Although Team Academy is a very practical study, the end of the journey is completed with a thesis. Yes, this is a very theoretical part and yes, students have their own businesses or work by the 4th year, so finding the time and energy for this chapter might be a struggle.

But, our 4th years found very interesting and innovative subjects, that help their own business grow or give more insight into their passion or the sector they want to be entrepreneurial in.

Examples are: 

  • Serving high-end clients in the event industry  (from the perspective of a hostess agency),
  • What are the success factors in establishing a filmmaking business in the sports and travel industry? 
  • BEE policy in South Africa and if it makes it easier or more difficult to acquire funding and support for SMEs.
  • How does a men’s skin-care brand use diversification for a profitable business and future?
  • Transforming Yoursolar into the smart grid and exploring its business opportunities.

Upcoming events in June

  • June 1st: Last online Open Doors of the Academic Year (sign up here)
  • June 8: Masterclass about one of our 5 values: Team Up
    We are the team. We build intimate bonds. We create a community where we give each other space to belong. We offer feedback, trust, and we challenge each other to be at our best. We go for a collective result, putting ‘we’ before ‘I’.
  • June 12: Postercoffee by Year 2


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