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News from TA: November 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - November 2023


Homecoming Year 1

In October’s newsletter, we wrote about the learning journey of year 1 to Bucharest. Every year, after a learning journey, the team presents their learnings to the community in a so-called homecoming. For those of us who stay in Amsterdam, it’s great to see the development of the students and to hear about their experiences.

The team created a lovely set-up, with Zan and Tikal as hosts of the team. They showed an edited video full of enjoyable material and personal learnings. Learnings that made an impact on the audience:
“I do best when I’m surrounded by good people.”
“The power of networking.”
“It’s important to have a good work/life balance.”
“I learned to be more considerate of other people’s feelings, and the way I speak to people”.

It’s been an inspiring homecoming: Thank you, year 1


WhatsApp Image 2023-11-16 at 14.55.13 (2)


On Thursday, November 16, we had a special guest speaker from South Africa. Erouane Langard Okenkali from the Entrepreleaders School.

He presented his life story, his failures, his learnings from his successful business life and from his bankruptcy. All these learnings are incredibly impactful and meaningful for our students and they showed vast differences between the African culture and the Western-European culture. He also presented his book: Think Inside the Box and why you should look closer to your comfort to really solve problems. A different way of looking at challenges!

“It was inspiring to hear how someone goes from highs to lows and remains happy and inspirational”


Upcoming events in December

  • December 13: Community Xmas Lunch: 12:00
  • December 15: Start of the Xmas holidays


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