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News from TA: October 2022

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - October 2022

Learning Journey Year 1

Our first years are currently in Bucharest for five weeks. This learning journey is all about unlearning, team forming, team bonding, and getting out of your comfort zone. Not only do they have relevant workshops at the Entrepreneurship Academy (e.g. about critical thinking), but they also visit companies and work very hard on their communal money goal (profit) of €1000,- per team! And of course, they enjoy the beautiful country to the fullest! Together, they will go through highs and lows, and that’s what will make them two great teams. “New! This word describes the LJ to Bucharest probably best! New people, new city, new culture, and especially a new way of learning. Great to be on the team!!” – Till, 1st year.

Graduation Class of 2022

Our graduates organized a great ceremony, in Akhaton, Amsterdam. On behalf of her team, Juliette kicked off the ceremony with a great speech about how her team developed, their experiences, what TA brought them, and why they are thankful. It was a joy to hear! Every graduate received a personal speech from one of their previous team coaches, and of course, hilarious memories were shared. While the music of graduate Mexs was playing, they received their well-deserved BBA in Entrepreneurship!

Congratulations to the class of 2022! You did it! 



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