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News from TA: October 2023

News from Team Academy Amsterdam - October 2023


Learning journey year 1

Every year, after the Start-Up week, the learning journey of year 1 starts. The team traveled to Bucharest for 5 weeks together with their coach Mike Panoho.
In Bucharest, their days were filled with enriching workshops, teambuilding activities, company visits, and the pursuit of their money goal. Remarkably, they nearly doubled their goal, which has rarely happened before! Quite the achievement for year 1!

Amid their busy schedule, they found time to relax at the spa, explore the city, and venture into the natural beauty on weekend getaways.

The overarching objective of this learning journey is to break free from traditional university ways of learning, step out of their comfort zones, foster deeper connections, and savor the experience of a different culture. Welcome back to NL, year 1!


Graduation class of 2023

We are very proud that 37 students received their BBA in Entrepreneurship this year!

On October 12, five of the graduates had their ceremony in Amsterdam

The Steve Jobs room and the hallway underwent a magical black and golden transformation. It was heartwarming to see our alumni back at Team Academy after the summer break.

Our director Michel Arends kicked it off with a speech, followed by a video with highlights of the 4 years they experienced together and best wishes from old team members.

Every graduate received a personalized speech full of memories. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed casual conversations, lovely finger foods, and a variety of drinks, including “J’Adore” from our 3rd-year student, Zeb. Congratulations, class of 2023!


Upcoming events in November

  • November 3, 16:30: TA Community Event, Bob Ross evening
  • November 6, 16:30: Homecoming of year 1
  • November 8, 16:00: Open Doors (online via Zoom)


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