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Our ‘own it’ campaign

Currently, for Team Academy, we are running a campaign on the topic ‘Own it’. The campaign has been indicated by the team of alumni students of Team Academy working at ODB – Brand Communication Agency. They came up with the strategy for this campaign, as they found this the most fitting way to explain what is happening with you as a student while studying at Team Academy. Students at Team Academy learn to ‘own’ problems and solve them. Tackle any situation they come across. Take the responsibility, accountability to take the lead and resolve the issue at hand.

Currently, a short (mobile-first) movie is running on this theme, made by ODB, about students of Team Academy who are getting confronted with a series of issues. When they solved the problem at hand, they can press the big red button in front of them, as they ‘own’ the topic. On this pressing of the button; confetti is released.



Currently, I am following a leadership program with my partner on constellations and reconstructive work in Belgium. A lot of fascinating topics have passed during the several weekends we were there, yesterday was about personal leadership. And what triggered me most yesterday was: ‘Do I actually own it?’

Four years ago, we took over Team Academy. At that stage, there was a lot of work to be done. Shoulders straight, head high, working our asses off to get the university back on track again. After 4 years looking back at all we did, I really strongly believe in what we do at Team Academy. And the question is; do I show this? Am I shouting this from the rooftops? Am I promoting Team Academy as it should be done? Do I own standing there and shouting out that I am being proud of what we are doing??? As you might guess, I was not.

Why is the question?

As I tell the students (we call them team entrepreneurs) there are 3 main fears, of which all fears you face are part of:

  • The fear to be abandoned
  • The fear of failure
  • The fear of change

And with that come 3 basic strategies of dealing with fear:

  • Fight
  • Flight
  • Hide

Oh yes, I knew it all too well, in theory, and can explain this to everyone around me.

Forgetting that ‘owning it’ also applies to me.

Oh yes, I was afraid of all of the 3 mentioned above, AND I was hiding, while working my ass off.

Working hard with the team to make Team Academy better.

Working hard and yes still hiding, as hiding within the theory and doing the legwork is comfortable for me.

But in the comfort zone is no growth to be found.

The magic of growth is to be found outside of your and yes my comfort zone

So everyone, here it is:

I am really very proud of what we are doing at Team Academy. I think we this is the best education any student can get for their future, where you learn to own any topic at hand, learn a lot about communication, leadership, yourself while putting theory learned into practice as you grow as an entrepreneur.

And I will be shouting this from all stages available to me and for people who would like to hear it. There is a story to tell, and I would love to share this!!

Let the confetti come!!!

As we are on a mission with Team Academy and we are very proud of this!!


Thanks for reading,
Marjolein Bakker – Head Coach at Team Academy


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