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Personal development in 3 weeks

Hello, my name is Rick Vlaar and I am a student of MBO. This is my first year at Team Academy. When I first came here I didn’t know what to expect. But it is exactly as they told me it would be. From the first moment you get to work on your own business. After two weeks of searching for an idea I finally found something I wanted to put my hands on. I wanted to make a service to help elders understand their computers and other mobile devices. In the past half year I went through different business models an ideas. I am almost ready to launch my website on which I have worked the past month. After the website is going online I can start helping people.

The struggle of starting a business
The biggest struggle of setting up my business to the stage I am right now is the human ability to aim for perfection. Always wanting to have the perfect logo or flyer. One of my coaches quickly told me a secret. IT WON’T BE PERFECT. Keep it simple. You can’t climb a mountain without setting the first steps. If someone tells you something is not right, ask them why. If you know what is wrong you can change it! An example is the logo of the football club Ajax. Since they started they have changed their logo six or seven times.

It does not feel like school. That is one of the nice things about Team Academy. I’m doing what I like and I am learning how I can improve the things I am doing. We are really developing ourselves. It can be a bit wooly sometimes, but we are learning a lot, and it is a lot of fun.

Rick Vlaar.


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