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PROSPEKT #01 @ Mixtup

19 December 2015, our first PROSPEKT ever. A concept where we create a platform for young dj’s to play in front of a crowd at unique locations through Amsterdam.

As one of the main learning methodologies in Team Academy is starting lean, that’s exactly what we’ve done with this project. We just started building our first prototype, and I must say it has been a great success for us. We wanted to break even on our first event and we even overachieved our goal. We’ve had many great reactions from the attendees and have learned a great deal.

One of our biggest learnings has been about the start and ending time of the event. We started at 17:00 and where in other cities, such as Berlin and London that isn’t a strange time to have a dance, Amsterdam doesn’t seem ready for it. Another thing was about our own branding at the event. We didn’t have any posters or banners saying this was an event organized by BOBBIN&FLY. As an event is such a tangible product we are able to really identify some of our possible improvements, which on previous projects of mine I wasn’t able to do as well.

PROSPEKT #01 has been a great start and now it’s time to pick up the pace. We’ve got an event coming up on the 22nd of Januari at BarBra, (a small intimate venue in the increasingly popular Oud-West of Amsterdam) and are planning several others. These events are all free and PROSPEKT will stay like that. For us it’s a way to find new dj’s and to introduce the concept to more people.

Alex Hersée
4th year student and co-founder of BOBBIN&FLY.


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